Growth throughNanoCPD

It is essential that career practitioners are linked to formal, non-formal and informal opportunities for professional development and quality resources to support their work.

Short Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities are being initialised, ranging from ten-minute snap quizzes to events requiring a number of days to complete. 

Members will complete CPD credentials through online and offline platforms, and receive a code to access the related questions through their dashboard or app. Upon successful completion, members will then have the CPD credentials added to their portfolio, and will gain access to all related toolkits for the two-year period of the CPD credential registration. 
All time invested in CPD credentials will be recorded to specific career development categories and can be included into curriculum vitae. 
SACDA will offer CPD opportunities relating to career development, both internally and through external service providers.
We thank our members, partners and stakeholders for supporting the career development field in this manner. 

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