The Professional Body for Career Development Practitioners in South Africa

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SACDA Objectives

SACDA is established for Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) to provide:

  • The typical value as offered by other Professional Bodies;
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) onto national registry;
  • Support articulation within and through the field of career development;
  • Quality assess and endorse career development service providers;
  • Maintain Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system;
  • Provide value added services and products to support the work of CDPs;
  • Collaborate with the Quality Councils as a representative of CDPs;
  • Lobby support and feedback for government initiatives;
  • Provide opportunities for CDPs to share best practice;
  • Provide professional support on ethical issues facing CDPs; and
  • Provide a boundary network for CDPs.


Recognition as Professional Body

The Southern African Career Development Association (SACDA) is a public, non-profit organisation that has been established to professionalise career development in Southern Africa. We have hosted both national and international career development conferences and are now poised to take the profession forward at community level together with our public and private partners.
We are in the process of finalising recognition as a professional body with SAQA. There were a number of lengthy processes that were required in order to meet SAQA quality standards as a professional body. We believe we are now at the point where we meet all the necessary criteria and will keep you informed of progress on this. We will endeavor to have the SAQA recognition process finalised during the course of this year. Click on the following link to find the SAQA 12th Chairperson’s Lecture on Career Development.
We are working with the ETDP SETA to make provision for the delivery of the qualification they are developing for the QCTO. The QCTO policy for Development Quality Partners’ (DQP) states that on recommendation of the Community of Expert Practitioners, the AQP must recommend to the QCTO an Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) that will develop qualification assessment specifications, manage external summative assessments and sign Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the QCTO. We will keep you posted on this critical partnership.

SACDA will shortly be conferring the first professional designations for Career Development Practitioners.

Mr Chris Beukes