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Career Development Practitioners ascribe to a career development Code of Ethics in the work that they do. Their fundamental purpose is to provide access to quality resources that will assist their client grow in their career journey. This is achieved through continually learning about and providing access to quality information, tools and people that are based on best practice in the field.

Very often, a Career Development Practitioner will be faced with a situation that requires more support than their official competencies. This is when a sound referral network and ethical support is important.

Being part of a community that is committed to ensuring you are always at the forefront of Career Development in South Africa and abroad is what it is all about. Registering as a Career Development Practitioner gives you the opportunity to become and remain an officially recognised expert in your field.

  • A greater version of you

    Show the world you are officially certified as competent and that you put professional development first. When you develop yourself you develop those around you. There is so much good practice to tap into. Through the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system, you will have access to resources to maximise your productivity in the work that you do.

  • A front row seat

    You have the unique opportunity to see your clients grow in their careers. Helping them access highest quality resources and a national support network is critical in ensuring your best service. As a Career Development Practitioner, you will have access to a number of quality resources and support networks that will enhance the work that you do.

  • A career that pays

    Registering as a Career Development Practitioner will show industry that you have been certified as competent and are at the top of your field. You will show industry that your clients come first through ascribing to the Code of Ethics and maintaining your CPD. Through this and in time, you will gain access to opportunities such as scholarships, grants, bursaries and employment as a registered Career Development Practitioner.

  • You’ll never walk alone

    Being connected at community as well as national and international levels at the same time is needed now more than ever before. This is especially true for those who are responsible to provide information and guidance on an ever evolving world of work. Connecting face-to-face in your local community to share best practice is as important as sharing that best practice for the benefit of all Career Development Practitioners. This chain of events will create more and more resources to better support the clients we serve.

Membership Categories

  • Student Member

    The Student Member category is for those studying a related qualification and want to eventually register as a Career Development Practitioner. Student Members will have access to the member dashboard which allows access to resources and professional development opportunities. If a Student Member registers as a Career Development Practitioner in a particular year, the CPD points they have acquired will contribute to their annual quota.

  • Associate Member

    Associate Members choose to publicly ascribe to the career development Code of Ethics and receive access to member events and quality career development resources. Associate Members are not included in the National Register for Career Development Practitioners as their competence has not yet been verified against the competency framework. Associate Members are able to upgrade their membership category to professional status at any time.

  • Career Information Officer

    The Professional Designation of Career Information Officer is the first to be conferred. It relates to the provision of career related information to individuals and groups. The option to register as a Career Information Officer is open to all guardians, teachers, community workers, social workers, counsellors, human resource practitioners and psychologists who have career development components, part-qualifications or full qualifications in the field. Those who have experience without qualifications should consider the Recognition of Prior Learning route.

  • Honorary Life Members

    An honourary life membership is bestowed upon those who have contributed significantly to the field of Career Development. Those who stand the gap and take on the responsibility to give of their very best are awarded this honour. As a community of Career Development Practitioners, honourary life members continue to be recognised and remembered. As Career Development Practitioners, we stand on the heads of giants. We appreciate the time and effort they have dedicated to humanity through career development.


Membership TypeCost
Once-off application feeR285
School AffiliateR1360
Student MemberR170
Associate MemberR340
Career Information Officer (*Dual)R390
Career Information Officer (*Non-Dual)R680
Recognition of Prior LearningR1250
* Dual designation holders are those who currently hold another Professional Designation.