Integrated CDI forSouth Africa

National Policy for an Integrated Career Development System for South Africa

A national policy for an integrated career development system for South Africa has been published. Its purpose is to build an integrated Career Development Services System for South Africa.

This Policy has a national footprint that spans national government departments and also directs implementation at provincial and local government levels. Its purpose is to build an integrated CDS System for South Africa that will:

  1. ensure that all citizens, including youth, students, underemployed workers and unemployed citizens have access to quality career information and career services.
  2. emphasise the role of Government in ensuring that all citizens have access to comprehensive and integrated career development services to make informed career and learning decisions.
  3. provide a framework for the strengthening and continuity of leadership regarding career development services in South Africa.
  4. provide a framework for coordination, cooperation and collaboration at all levels of government, as well as with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the private sector, to ensure transparency and ease of access to career development services geared to meet the needs of a diverse range of citizens.
  5. address the weaknesses, overlaps and gaps in the current provision of career development services.
  6. identify processes that stimulate regular review and systemic planning of career services.
  7. provide specific directives for various aspects concerning the provision of career development services to the country.
  8. facilitate a basic understanding of the dynamic inter-relationship among the economy, skills development, careers and society.

The Policy is premised on a commitment to be non-disruptive of existing efficient and effective career development practices that are congruent with constitutional values and government priorities.

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