South African Career Development Association

A national professional association concerned with the provision of career development quality services, research, and advocacy

The South African Career Development Association (SACDA, Reg. 099-765-NPO) was established to support the professionalisation of Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) in South Africa. SACDA has been a key stakeholder in the 5.1 Task Team, a team whereby the Minister of Higher Education and Training was tasked in 2010 to coordinate career development activities in the country.

The Competency Framework for Career Development Practitioners states that “The South African Career Development Association (SACDA) was established in 2010 with the intention of becoming a professional body for career development practitioners in South Africa (Herr, A. SACDA Chairpersons Address; 2012).

SACDA has been working with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) since 14 October 2013 in preparing to become the Professional Body (PB) for CDPs in South Africa. SACDA participated in different fora such as the National Career Development Forum (NCDF). It has hosted a number of national as well as an international conference on career development.

The Framework for Cooperation in the provision of Career Development identifies the role for SACDA to:

  1. Function as the Professional Body for Career Development Practitioners in South Africa;
  2. Grow and develop the professional status of career development in South Africa;
  3. Establish and maintain minimum standards for career development delivery;
  4. Promote the role of CDPs;
  5. Improve the continued professional development of CDPs;
  6. Develop competency requirements for CDPs;
  7. Assist the development and education of members as professionals; and
  8. Respond to government policy initiatives.

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